Source code for dispaset.misc.str_handler

import logging
import sys

[docs]def shrink_to_64(x, N=64): """ Function that reduces the length of the keys to be written to 64 (max admissible length for GAMS) :param x: String or list of strings :param N: Integer with the maximum string length (if different from 64) :returns: Shrinked string or list of strings """ def shrink_singlestring(key, N): if len(key) >= N: return key[:20] + ' ... ' + key[-20:] else: return key if type(x) == str: return shrink_singlestring(x, N) elif type(x) == list: return [shrink_singlestring(xx, N) for xx in x] else: logging.critical('Argument type not supported') sys.exit(1)
[docs]def clean_strings(x, exclude_digits=False, exclude_punctuation=False): """ Function to convert strange unicode and remove characters punctuation :param x: any string or list of strings Usage:: df['DisplayName'].apply(clean_strings) """ if sys.version_info >= (3,0): # Skip this funcion if python version is >3. Have to test better TODO return x import unicodedata import string def clean_singlestring(x): if exclude_digits: # modify the following depending on what you need to exclude exclude1 = set(string.punctuation) # exception to the exclusion: exclude1.remove('_') exclude1.remove('-') exclude1.remove('[') exclude1.remove(']') else: exclude1 = set([]) if exclude_punctuation: exclude2 = set(string.digits) else: exclude2 = set([]) exclude = exclude1 | exclude2 # x = str(x).decode('utf-8') # to string byte and then unicode x = unicodedata.normalize('NFKD', x).encode('ascii', 'ignore') # convert utf characters and to ascii # x = x.upper() #to UPPERCASE x = ''.join(ch for ch in x if ch not in exclude) # remove numbers and punctuation return x if isinstance(x, str): return clean_singlestring(x) elif isinstance(x, list): return [clean_singlestring(xx) for xx in x] else: logging.error('Argument type not supported') sys.exit(1)
[docs]def force_str(x): """ Used to get a str object both in python 2 and 3 although they represent different objects (byte vs unicode) It is small hack for py2->3 compatibility of gams APIs which require a str object """ if isinstance(x, str): return x elif isinstance(x,bytes): return str(x.decode('utf-8')) else: return x.encode()